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Reaching your retirement is a significant milestone, and it’s important you live the life you want to. Superannuation will form the nucleus of your financial stability in retirement, so it is imperative that you structure this product correctly. We will also ensure that all of your health wishes and wealth directives are ordered properly.

Talk To Us If How We Can Help
You are unsure how to set-up your super fund investments to pay yourself an income Determine the appropriate allocation of funds to income paying investments
You find it confronting, confusing and difficult to know how you should manage your funds Provide a clear rationale voice that gives you a plan you can understand
You would like to know if you should sell or hold on to your family home Provide a detailed analysis of the capital investment required to produce your required income in retirement
You would like to know how to best structure the proceeds from the sale of your business Advise on appropriate taxation structures to ensure you pay the least amount of tax on the sale of your business
You would like to know what government benefits you are entitled to receive Explain what benefits are available and if it is possible to restructure your investment holdings to gain more benefits
You are concerned about other people (EG. medical professionals, family) making decisions on your behalf should you suffer a significant medical setback Advise on the appropriateness of an Advanced Health Directive to clarify your wishes regarding any treatments
Upon your passing you wish for your family assets to remain within “the family bloodline” and protected from possible future events
EG. Children’s divorce
Advise on appropriate strategies via your Will that will give your children the ability to protect their inheritance

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