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Business owners have unique needs, they are often so focused on building and operating their business they neglect their financial and superannuation needs. We apply decades of financial experience and research to a wide range of insurance, superannuation and succession issues that a lot of Business Owners don’t have time to work on.

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Your business would be unable to survive financially if an accident or medical emergency occurred to key personnel Manage risks by establishing insurance cover that best suits your business requirements
You are currently not sure what would happen to business ownership if something was to suddenly happen to one or all of the business partners Ensure a succession plan is correctly set-up where appropriate insurance is put in place to facilitate the transfer of business ownership from the insured director/partner to the surviving director/partners. This ensures the remaining family are compensated for the partner’s interest in the business
You would like to ensure that your business is meeting all legislative requirements regarding staff superannuation Establish staff superannuation requirements that are fully compliant
You sense that your staff do not feel in control of their own finances Provide seminars on the basics of investing and budgeting

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